Our Story

A Happy Brain came about because I truly believe that we can all make an impact on our brain health by changing our lifestyles.

Maintaining a clear mind is something we all worry about, but rarely take steps to achieve. I want to change that.

I haven’t always eaten healthy. There was a time in my life when I regularly visited fast food restaurants and survived mainly on processed food. Inevitably, my unhealthy diet eventually caught up to me and soon after my second child was born, I started having health issues.

These health problems manifested as back pain, neck pain, fatigue, and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). These quickly impacted my quality of life tremendously. I became so sensitive to chemicals that I had trouble walking through the grocery store due to the smells of soaps and fabric softeners. I couldn’t attend church because I couldn’t deal with being around the perfume and aftershave that people wore. I couldn’t think clearly. My brain was in a fog, and my body ached.

I tried to get help from doctors, but it was useless.

Blood tests came back normal, and I looked physically well. Since the doctors couldn’t see what was wrong, they didn’t appreciate the severity of my ill-health. And not one of them ever suggested that my diet might be part of the problem.

Everything came to a head with an extremely worrying development in my daughter’s health. Harper, at the age of two, started having allergic responses to almost every type of vegetable. She also started displaying worrying neurological symptoms, such as walking on her toes, stuttering, and a loss of her fine motor skills.

Obviously highly concerned, I investigated the root of the problem and found that her immune system was overactive. I did my research and discovered masses of information on how our diets affect our immune system. With that knowledge, we transformed the way we ate. We started eating only organic, whole foods while avoiding gluten and other inflammatory ingredients. We also began taking probiotics and started to work on healing our guts.

The effects were astounding, and as a family, we soon began to heal.

This experience piqued my interest and gave me the impetus to delve deeper into the world of medicine and nutrition. I started with chiropractic school, eventually graduating as the valedictorian of my doctor of chiropractic class. Not content to stop there, I continued my education by taking another degree, this time in naturopathic medicine.

My mission, with this site, is to share all that I have learned about the natural ways we can improve our health—in particular the health of our brains—in order to give you the best quality of life possible. Through simple, natural changes to your lifestyle, you can boost your brain’s wellness, and become happier, healthier and more focused as a result.

Maintaining our Mental Muscle

The Quick Guide to a Healthier Brain

This guide includes actionable tips you can use to help optimize your brain health and keep your memory sharp. This guide can get you started down the path of improving your brain. It will help you make changes in your life that make a difference in how well your brain works.