Coaching for a Healthier Brain

Simple Strategies for
a Sharp and Contented Mind
In this coaching program, I will listen to your challenges and identify strategies to address those challenges and help you reach your goals. We will then map out ways to include those strategies in your lifestyle. Finally, we will assess how the plan is working and make changes as needed.

I’ve developed this coaching program specifically for those who want to take charge of their own health and are ready and willing to make the lifestyle changes needed.

My clients are people who want to keep their brain and minds young, despite their chronological age.

This could mean different things for different people. For some, it might mean easier word recall. For others, the coaching might provide the tools they need to get better control of their anxiety or depression. Many might benefit from better sleep or higher energy levels. Whatever the reason, this course is designed to help your brain to work at its highest level.

This Coaching Program can help you…

Think more clearly
Slow down or even stop mental deterioration
Optimize your brain health
Feel better all over
Improve your memory
Be more productive
Recall words and names more quickly
Keep Focused for longer
Have more energy
Overcome anxiety
Sleep better

I will be your coach

I’m Annissa Slusher, DC, ND, founder of and

My passion is optimizing brain function using nutrition and lifestyle changes. I speak out for the health of brain cells everywhere. I believe that if we give our brains what they need, they will function better. A healthier brain makes a happier, healthier you.

What’s included

You will learn…

You will learn what makes your brain healthy, according to research studies, as well as the things you can do to impact the health of your brain.
You will also learn how to substitute good habits for bad habits and make lifestyle changes that last.
A printable planner to help you implement healthy changes
An accountability spreadsheet that you fill out and can share with me to help you stay on track.
Bonus recipe e-book with brain healthy recipes to help you implement the strategies
I have not been able to stick to a healthy lifestyle my entire life.
Why will this be different?

I created this program with you in mind! We will work together to weave the lifestyle changes into the routines and patterns you already have.

frequently asked questions

Can lifestyle changes really change how well my brain works?
While genetics play a role in overall health, lifestyle plays a strong role as well. We can’t change the genes we are born with, but we can change the way we live. The foods we eat, level of exercise, and all of our other choices make an impact.
How much can this program help my problem?
The results will vary by each individual and by the commitment to the program. While the components of this program are grounded in solid research, each person will respond differently.
Will this program prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease/anxiety/depression/etc.?
This program is not meant to treat or prevent any disease, but rather optimize the function of the brain.
While we can’t revive dead brain cells, it may be possible to decrease the inflammation in the brain to decrease the rate of decline.
Some of the steps in this program increase the amount of nerve growth factors. These can help build new connections, help to support existing brain cells, and stimulate the growth of new neurons in some parts of the brain.
It may also be possible to provide an alternative fuel source to damaged cells to help them function better.

By giving the brain what it needs to survive and taking away those lifestyle habits that are harming it, symptoms of many diseases may improve or resolve.

I’m under a doctor’s care for my depression/anxiety/heart problem or other disorder. Will this program be able to help me?

While the steps in this program are unlikely to interfere with the treatment of your doctor, I recommend consulting your physician before beginning each one. Another consideration is that this program may decrease the symptoms you experience and you should work with your physician if any medication adjustments are needed.

how does it work?

After you apply…

When you fill out the form below, you will be sent a link to sign up for an initial 15 minute call. I will use these to decide if you’re a good fit for the program.

If we decide to work together, we will set up an initial consultation. In this consultation, we will discuss your challenges and your goals. Together, we will customize a program to help you optimize your brain health..

Once your pathway is set, through subsequent meetings, I will walk you through implementing the program in a step-by-step manner. We will assess your progress and make any necessary changes.

**As a functional health practitioner, due to different state regulations, I will not be diagnosing or treating any specific medical conditions, but instead, working to support your body’s own innate healing ability.

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